Hair Extensions

Over 40 years ago, Balmain Hair set out a mission: to source, select and process the best hair extensions in the world. Balmain Hair is the only company in the world who gives a 6 months hair quality guarantee on human hair extensions.

Balmain Hair Extensions are an innovative method of adding volume, colour and creating texture or adding length to your natural hair. Balmain Hair offers an extensive range of hair extensions and aftercare providing you with endless creative opportunities to achieve beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

Hair Extensions

Fill-In Soft Ring Extensions

Fill-In Soft Ring extensions are available in both Memory®Hair and 100% Human Hair. Complete with easy blend bond with it’s unique shape, making the hair spread, blend. Easy cold application they are affordable, re-usable and come in 40cm lengths.


DoubleHair is a professional, affordable and re-usable system specially designed for creating long voluminous hair. The application can be done with bonds, rings and with clips. DoubleHair is made from 100% Human hair.

Easy Volume, Easy Length and Colour Flash

Easy Volume, Easy Length and Colour Flash represent quick, high quality, fun and affordable products. With Easy Volume tape application you can create ultimate volume in an instant. With Easy Length you create extra long length and volume. With Colour Flash you can add colour to your hair without using a chemical process. Easy Volume, Easy Length and Colour Flash products are made of 100% Human Hair and are re-usable.

The Ready To Wear Collection

A fantastic collection of hair pieces to take home and wear whenever you want.

Clip-In Weft

Quickly and comfortably apply lustrous length, volume and colour. Featuring the patented Soft Blend Edge, the Clip-In Weft Set will glorify your hair in just 5 minutes.
Made from 100% Human Hair with ombré colours available.

Catwalk Ponytail

The Balmain Catwalk Ponytail Memory®Hair, developed by backstage stylists, is considered the ultimate backstage secret. These amazing ultra long ponytails have been spotted on the fashion catwalk numerous times and are one of the biggest hairstyle trends of the year! Made of 100% Memory®Hair, this lightweight piece can be heat styled up to 160° and will keep its shape until heat styled again. Quick, easy and fashionable: the must-have hairpiece.

Hair Dress

The Hair Dress is made of high quality 100% Human Hair. Flowing, naturally beautiful, amazing hair. Dress up for every occasion in less than 5 minutes. Made from 100% Human Hair and with ombre available.

Clip in Fringe

Spotted on the runways this season: the fringe. Not a wispy one, but a thick, full, statement-making fringe. Many celebrities followed this great trend and chopped off their hair to show some big bangs! Want this too, but not a permanent commitment? The Balmain Hair Clip-In Fringe is perfect for you. Simply click it in to change your style in only 5 minutes; easy, stylish and banging!